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I.P Callison & Sons is the world's leading supplier of mint oils and flavors.

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Since 1903, we have innovated mint production and flavor profiles. With a century of experience in geographic and cultural flavor preferences, we serve customers in nearly every region on earth.

Today, our flavorists are hard at work with our applications lab concepting, crafting and testing flavors – along with new and innovative ways to deliver them to make unique flavors and boost your bottom line. We blend scientific expertise, creative passion and scrupulous attention to quality so we can develop innovative products – from form to flavor – to deliver the results our customers want.

Established 1903


Oral Care

From toothpaste to mouth rinse, floss, tablets, creams and fixatives, our flavorists match the product form with the best flavor profile to deliver sensory pleasure and desired results.


Whether we’re developing a slab gum, a hard-shelled pellet or a compressible tablet, our team is passionate about creating a unique, flavorful, long-lasting and satisfying chewing experience.


With a broad spectrum of flavors—and the know-how to fully express them through confections—we delight in the opportunity to create delicious treats that bring joy to your audience.


With unique delivery systems and a team assessing market trends we are able to deliver innovative culinary seasoning blends to the food and snack industry.

Flavor Delivery Systems

Flavor can be delivered in a variety of ways – it depends on the product and desired effect. Blending science with art, we help you craft the ideal form, fit, function and flavor to meet your customers’ needs.


Easy to apply and incorporate into a wide variety of products, from gels to pastes to liquids and more.

Dry Sprays

Offer a burst of initial flavor; a great option when the base product makes liquid difficult to use.

Flavor Crystals

Add visual appeal, mask active ingredients, and deliver timed flavor release.


Perfect for seasoning, shaking or sprinkling for a hint of flavor.


There are as many flavors as there are ways to enjoy them. We are continually exploring and developing new flavors to meet the evolving taste preferences of consumers around the world.

Our flavor categories include:

Mint Fruit Fantasy
Herbal Savory

Product Enhancers

Looking for something to give your product a little something special? Maybe you need to refresh an old standard, launch a brand new product, or add ingredients to boost health and wellness. Our applications team is in the lab every day, exploring unique product concepts that enhance flavor in new and exciting ways.

Cooling Blends

Boost or extend the minty-fresh feeling with targeted mouth locations and levels of the desired cooling effect.


Expand market share by adding vitamins or pharmaceuticals to your products, blending good taste with good health.

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We’d love to talk with you about ideas for designing and flavoring your next product to achieve maximum results.

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